8 Ways to Subtract More and Give Yourself a Big Pay Rise!

Subtract More Give Yourself a Big Pay Rise

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Stop the Addition Insanity and Subtract More!

Once I started my journey towards financial independence, I began to realise I would be more joyful if I implemented the following:

  • Finding creative ways to enjoy my time through experiences. 
  • Selling or throwing out all my superfluous junk (e.g. household products, old School and Uni books, boxes of paper, sporting equipment, clothes, shoes, ties, jackets, tools etc)
  • Minimising the amount I spend on new stuff.
  • Cutting out unnecessary activities
  • Focusing on experiences that bring me the best health, quality family time, business / career impact, and lifestyle adventure.
  • Avoiding lifestyle inflation.

Essentially this is about subtract more and stop adding! Once I started subtracting stuff from my life, I had more energy and I started saving money.

This way I had way more money to invest towards my retirement. 

It was like an immediate pay rise. 

The best part, I was able to give myself the pay rise!

The Problem with Consumerist Culture

Think about our whole world today. 

It’s built on a foundation of consumerism, debt, lifestyle inflation, over worked and over stressed people stuck on that Hamster Wheel!

The society we live in want wants you to spend your money on stuff.

The problem, is, the more we earn, the more we tend to spend.

So, 99% of folks out there are hard at work earning to keep up with their sense of how life should be.

This is called lifestyle inflation. It’s the number one thing keeping people from their retirement!

Lifestyle inflation is getting a bigger house, a fancy new car when you get the pay rise, and some great clothes and expensive holiday to treat yourself for all your hard work.

There is nothing wrong with this.

However, you are adding more to your life!

But the sinister and invisible thing that you’re adding to your life, is time…

Every time you succumb to lifestyle inflation, you’re actually adding years and years to the time it takes to become financially independent.

If you want to know how long you have to retirement check out my post here:
Years Until Retirement – Simple 5 Seconds to Calculate.

Living with a financial independence philosophy is about the opposite of this lifestyle inflation.

FI is about subtracting these lifestyle inflation mistakes and doubling down on what’s most important, time with loved ones.

You get to FI by subtracting non-essentials from life, and stopping the addition insanity!

8 Ways to Subtract Life Drainers


20 months without a drop of alcohol. I don’t miss it and I’ve saved a bucket load of moolah!

Second Car

My car is listed on Car Next Door (CND) for renting out to third party users. This brings in a steady passive cash flow per month. Its not lucrative but it does add a little to our available cash.

Since I put my car on CND we’ve learned to manage with only the one car, which is a pretty cool FI experiment in itself.

Personal Social Media Accounts

I’ve disconnected from the following social media.

  • Facebook – App uninstalled from phone
  • LinkedIn – Cancelled my Account
  • Twitter – Cancelled Account
  • Snapchat – Never used it, uninstalled from my phone
  • Instagram – Never used it, cancelled account

Spotify – rarely used it, cancelled subscription

Negative People

Anyone who I think is a negative energy on my life I have eliminated or I’m in the process of reducing contact with these people.

Mainstream Media

I have completely eliminated the negativity of news, including:

  • News – no longer watch
  • Magazines – do not read

News feeds – do not subscribe

Carbohydrates and Sugar

I’ve done a full stock-take of our pantry and thrown out all the chocolate, chips, snacks and other packaged sweets and baddies.

I admit this is an ongoing challenge.

Excess Junk (e.g. Clothes, furniture, technological and sporting equipment)

I’m in the process of selling clothes, sporting equipment, shoes and tools. 

I’ve also committed to selling a bunch of furniture and sports equipment in the coming months.

We also recently have done a major spring clean of clothes which took the Salvation Army (Australian not-for-profit charitable institution).

A Section of Your house

Instead of using the full house we purchased in 2017, we’ve sectioned off a part of the house by installing a door. Now we renting out the back section of the house. 

This has also had the added benefit of subtracting the amount of cleaning and management.

It also of course provides us a with a handy income to help pay daily expenses and the mortgage.


I now focus on the things which make me happy, while reducing my expenditure.

When you de-clutter you de-stress, gain focus, you tend to enhance vitality as you make room for positive energy.

It feels great!

Join the movement, start subtracting clutter from your life, make some cash on the side, and save more money!

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The EntreFIneur
The EntreFIneur

EntreFIneur is a passionate frugalist, FI enthusiast, experimenter, ideator and entrepreneur. He's also a family man and when he has time, an active fitness fiend and outdoor hobbyist.

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