Ignite Financial Independence in 2020

Financial Independence

Ignite Financial Independence in 2020

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Grab the bull by the horns!

The FI, FIRE, ERE, Frugal, Thrift, Anti-consumerism, Minimalist movement is big and growing!

You may have heard about it and that’s how you stumbled on this blog. But, how do you cut through the crap and get to the truth, there’s so much to read and learn, where do you start!?

Well I’m going to be your guide, break it all down for you, into simple, clear, actionable and impactful steps. 

These will get you clarity on where you are right now, where you need to be and the things you need to change right now to get you to your goal.

This blog will be a fun filled ride, a bit blunt, some hard truths, nerve exposing moments (like at the end of this post) and a good lashing of opinionated gold as well.

But it will give you the know-how to break free from the consumerist, toxic-debt fuelled life you are probably living and transform your life into a journey towards freedom.

We may even have some guest bloggers at times, niche entrefineurs who know their shiz in areas such as property hacking, house flipping, cheap cruising, credit card hacking and more!

The other thing cool about this blog is that it is about community. It’s a journey and a co-creation. I’m on my path, you’re on yours. 

I’ve got a lot to teach, and I’m sure you do too, and so there will be opportunities to mastermind with me and other entrefineurs throughout the journey.

So, sign up to my email, because you don’t want to miss out on any nuggets!

But, before you go, let’s talk about you! Let’s rip off that band aid! A quick ‘current reality’ self-appraisal if you will!

Look, if you’re one of the 99% of working people who face January every year like ground hog day and groan as they face another 20-30 years of pain! This is a rubbish place!

I for one, am working hard on my plan to be retired and free by 2025.

So let’s ignite our after-burners and kick-start our financial independence in 2020!

But before we do, a quick reality check…

What a weekday (not a workday) of freedom might look like!

Current reality Check!

  1. So many folks today live somewhere on the spectrum of financial idiocy. Which one of these are you?

I’m currently at number 2.

I am…

  1. Retired, and my money situation is sorted.
  2. Still working, and stashing away cash like crazy into my Freedom Fund with a clear plan and a date for freedom.
  3. Almost the same as No# 2 but also paying down one or two loans (e.g. car and personal loans).
  4. Only able to stash a little bit of cash because of loans from past expenses and those recurring weekly little luxuries.
  5. Not saving a dime, cause I’m trying to pay off car loan and a credit card loan, oh yeah, and that personal loan from that holiday I went on last year. 
  6. I’m starting to sink, I can’t always pay my debts as and when they fall due, and my credit score is falling. If I lose my job, I’m up sh#t creek without a paddle.
  7. Everything has collapsed – I’m losing my house, I’ve lost my job, relationship is in a mess, my possessions are being re-possessed because they weren’t fully paid off. Also I lost my car in a crash because it was uninsured and I now owe $25,000 to the local council for damage to a light pole. HELP!!

Believe me, these are real examples. I was just speaking to my boss today about this topic. His wife is a financial counsellor, these situations are real and more common!

Even level 7. can be overcome. There are magnificent stories of people who have got out of debt, saved a big emergency fund, bought a house and saved for an overseas trip paid for with cash all in 12 -18 months. You can too.

Your goal is to move up the Financial Independence list from 7. to 1. Most people think they can’t, they blame Trump, the economy, Climate Change or some other bullshit external to themselves. 

The real problem is that you aren’t paying enough attention to the Entrefineur!

Become a regular reader, or contact me for 1-on-1 coaching, (or scroll down and click on the button below ‘schedule a call’) and you will move up real fast! 

See you at the top!

Are you retired with your money situation sorted? No? Then join the Entrefineur movement and we'll get there together!

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The EntreFIneur

EntreFIneur is a passionate frugalist, FI enthusiast, experimenter, ideator and entrepreneur. He's also a family man and when he has time, an active fitness fiend and outdoor hobbyist.

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