We are enthusiastic entrepreneurs and ideators, passionately in pursuit of financial independence. We love to share our research, experiments and frugal living ideas!

There are very few people as passionately excited and committed to FI and helping others to become financially independent. Its this passion that drives us to get up at 5am to create and share the content for the ENTREFINEUR community.

Its exciting, we have fun here! And we’re all growing our wealth and freedom together!


To Celebrate and Inspire Financial Independence


To celebrate and shine the light on the path of the ‘Outliers’. Those, who are hacking and improving their lives on their way to Financial Independence.


To all the Mothers, Fathers, Brothers and Sisters, Sons and Daughters

You have the power to change the world

You have a responsibility to learn and teach our children about Financial Independence

Reduce the burden of tomorrow by acting today

Be big, be bold, be brave

Be curious, experiment

Don’t stand still

Don’t be a passenger

Find your Fire

Love what you do

You have the power to change the world

Serve the greater good

Consistently work to improve things

Improve your own life, as you improve the lives of those around you

Your contribution to this community will have far reaching consequences

Therefore, be of the highest excellence and integrity

Be authentic, be genuine

Be a lifelong learner

Inspire yourself and those around you

Aim to the be the best you can possibly be

Be an Outlier

Be an Entrefineur!

I found the fire of FI, and then, I founded Entrefineur.
I love being an Entrefineur!
Everyday, I get to experiment with how to get off the hamster wheel and spend more time with those I love, all while serving the world and building a home for the world’s largest hub of Financial Independence Intelligence.
I truly hope that you find the fire of FI too, because there will be no stopping you!






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