Dinnerly – #1 Kickass Grocery Hack


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Dinnerly - #1 Kickass Grocery Hack

In October 2019, Lady FI and I decided to experiment with Dinnerly

That little 1-week entrefineurial experiment has been a raging SUCCESS!

So What is Dinnerly?

It is is a meal kit. A meal kit is a box of ingredients to match a set of recipes for a determined number of weekly meals.

For example, we usually get a vegetarian box each week, for 5 x 2 meals = 10 meals per week. 

Usually we also swap out for one or two replacement meals, which are meat-based. Why, because I hate Tofu!

So, the box might contain vegetables, fruit, meat, condiments, sauces, herbs, spices and roots organised and prepared in the right amounts to suit the week’s recipes.

Dinnerly 1

Another 5 Star Dish! Lamb Kofta with almond couscous and beetroot, Yummy!

How Does it Work?
  1. The system is very simple. On the website or App, we pick the delivery day and time that suits our schedule.
  2. The couriers then deliver the ingredients in a chilled box, with special environmentally friendly ice packs to keep everything cool.
  3. We then cook our 5-step recipes and feel like a Master Chef every time
What I Love About Dinnerly?
  1. Firstly, the meals are delicious.
  2. Secondly the meals are super easy to prepare.
  3. Thirdly, the meals, are so are well designed. The flavours and textures, complement one another exquisitely.
  4. Fourth, the meal kits are the cheapest on the Australian market. For example they’re cheaper than Hello Fresh and Marley Spoon.
  5. Next, is saving to your mental load. Having someone else plan, prepare, shop and quantify your ingredients for you takes an enormous amount of load of your mind. The energy, space and time to create this variety and quality of meals would be impossible in our already busy lives, working full time, with a young 16-month-old and multiple side hustles.
    So why not outsource this mental load to the expertise of a company and focus on putting the creative energy into the food production.
  6. In addition to the point above, is the time and energy saved, from mistakes like missing 1 or 2 key ingredients from meal plans, and then the time and money cost to go back to the shops to pick up those items you forgot. This does not happen with Dinnerly.
Dinnerly and FI

The vegetarian boxes we get are $74 (which includes the delivery charge) per box. 

Each box has 10 meals in it, that is 2 x meals for 5 x nights of the week. Our son is too young for these meals and is eating his own baby meals so we only need the 2-person box at this stage.

This is perfect for us, because there is always one night of the week where we are too busy or too tired to cook, so we have a toastie or leftovers. 

The other one night of the week is usually a night at friends, or folks place or a takeaway night or date night etc.

So, 5 x nights with two meals is the sweet spot.

The interesting thing is we usually get three meals out of each 2 meal box and so the average price per meal actually comes down to $5 per meal. 

I know people in the FI community who aim to get their average meal down to the $1 or $2 mark per meal, but for me that is usually at some other significant sacrifice, e.g. flavour, time, boredom, lack of creativity etc.

So, at somewhere between $5 and $7.5 per meal for gourmet designed meals, which are easy to cook, have not cost me a load of mental energy and time consuming preparation, I feel like I’ve have won the lottery. 

This also doesn’t factor in the value I am getting from learning ho to cook numerous different types and styles of food from all arounfd the world which has become quite a hobby since we started Dinnerly. 


My conclusion…Get on it!

Dinnerly rocks! It is saving us time and money, it is delicious, we are growing in our culinary mastery and it saves us the mental load of shopping and creating the meals ourselves. 

Be the Outlier, experiment and get there faster!


For other awesome resources for saving more and earning more check out the Entrefineur Toolkit page

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