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My coaching style: Self-Directed, Solution Focused, Stretch Oriented, Positively Reinforcing and Structured. This powerful combination is simple and designed to facilitate more insights  and get you ‘there’ faster.

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Client Testimonials


“Entrefineur helped me to focus on what I really wanted to achieve. Together, we co-created my transformation and his enthusiasm for my success helped me to stay the course.”


Lina C.

Author, Canberra, Australia


“Since working with Entrefineur, I’ve had more clarity of who I am and what I CAN achieve. It has improved my relationship with my wife, family and friends.”
“I was a changed person after my sessions with Entrefineur – I still can’t believe it.”

Jamsheed A., IT Consultant

Sydney, NSW, Australia


“Entrefineur’s coaching provided a unique insight to facilitate reflection upon my own leadership style. I would recommend this service to anyone serious about analysing and improving their leadership.”



“Working with Entrefineur was seamless, He has a great coaching presence, and being a Personal Trainer myself I knew the importance of trusting the process. When my focus drifted, Entrefineur helped get me back on track and I smashed my goals out of the park!”

Alistair M., PT

Mind & Muscle, Sydney, NSW, Australia

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