Be Happy Save Money – 10 FREE Ways to Be Happy!

Be Happy Save Money

Be Happy Save Money - 10 FREE Ways to Be Happy!

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A wager - things that make you the happiest are FREE!

I’ll bet, 9 times out of 10, that the things that make you the happiest are FREE!

The things that make me the happiest, and fuel me with sustained happiness are great memories!

Great memories come from great experiences!

Money Savers and Joy Creators

Great experiences, come from time with family, friends, or on my own, doing simple activities, like:

  • Body surfing at the beach (FREE)
  • Cuddles with my son (FREE)
  • Quality time with my wife (FREE)
  • Shooting the shit with my mates (FREE)
  • Ripping up single track (FREE)
  • Building my culinary skills in the kitchen (very cheap – see my “Toolkit” page to learn about Dinnerly!)
  • Learning Spanish (FREE – see my “Toolkit” page to learn how to learn a language for FREE)
  • Developing my skills in: content development, web design and development, marketing and business (FREE)
  • Reading a great blog, listening to a podcast, reading an inspiring book or doing a home workout (ALL FREE).
  • Carving up fresh pow (Not FREE, but hey its fun!)

Nine out of the 10 things I listed above are FREE.

And these are the things I enjoy most in life.

By doubling down on these I’ve already started to notice more joy in my life, a reduction in my spending rate and an increase in my saving rate.

That’s also great news for my retirement date.

Money drainers and joy strainers

Things which have never made me feel sustained happiness are all the extras, such as:

  • Browsing social media
  • Wasting money on more clothes, more gadgets, or more tools I don’t need
  • Dropping $100-$200 on fancy restaurants and coming out feeling like a stuffed pig
  • Receiving chocolate, alcohol or other presents at Christmas which I don’t need and will just end up in a cupboard
  • Buying and eating junk-food loaded with sugar
  • Buying and drinking alcohol
  • Over relaxing
  • Over recreating, i.e. seeing movies, watching things on Netflix or Disney+, attending expensive events, going to clubs, bars etc
  • Expensive hobbies
  • Buying an expensive item (e.g. new SUV).
This list is a drug addiction! 

The dopamine hit from each indulgence, feels good in the moment, but fades quickly, and leaves you empty.

They don’t provide long lasting happiness, there’s always an urge for more, to spend again.

It’s never ending, and never fulfilling.

The sad thing is, 99% of people in our debt fuelled, consumerist, rate race still have their blinkers on.

They’re still plugged into the Matrix.

They can’t see that they’re working harder and harder to earn a pay cheque, to pay off the stuff they’ve bought, and to afford the stuff they want to buy. 

The stuff they see on Netflix, a new car to out-do their friend, or a bigger house to out-do their neighbour.

This is lifestyle inflation, a major cause of people needing to work into their mid and late 60’s. This is the enemy of FI!

So, by doing the exercise below over time, a form of externalising your thoughts to get clarity – I’ve trained my brain to recognise that the things in the first list are what make me happy and the things in the second list may feel good in the moment but, make me feel like shit afterwards.

So, I choose to spend my time on the first list.

I’ve unplugged.

"Do more of what makes you happiest and you will save money, because it is usually the things that make us most happy which are free!"

A challenge - its time to unplug and get clarity

Clarity is power.

I challenge you, right now, to take out a pen and a piece of paper or post it note and write down 10 activities that make you truly happy.

Then next to those items, write down how much they cost. If they’re cheap write down $, if they’re expensive write down $$, if they’re very expensive write down $$$, if they’re free write down FREE.

I hope, that in most cases, you find they are free or inexpensive.

My theory is that if you focus on what truly makes you the happiest, you will end up saving a lot of money and be a lot happier.

The magic is in the creative ways you design to share memorable experiences with the people you care about the most.  

Be Happy,ave Money! By doing more of what makes you happy, less of what doesn’t, and I reckon you’ll save a lot of money.

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The EntreFIneur
The EntreFIneur

EntreFIneur is a passionate frugalist, FI enthusiast, experimenter, ideator and entrepreneur. He's also a family man and when he has time, an active fitness fiend and outdoor hobbyist.

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