What is FI?

FI stands for Financial Independence. In essence it means having enough monthly passive income (cash flow) to cover monthly expenses. Thus giving you the choice and psychological freedom to choose how to spend your time and energy, e.g not being tied to working a traditional 9am-5pm job.


I’m glad you asked. Parents, kids, students, families, professionals and anybody wanting to reach financial independence.

An Entrefineur can also be a hustler, someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, grinding it out towards financial independence. Experimenters, sharers, ideators, frugal folk, minimalists and anti-consumerists.

Folks who have found a way to save more efficiently, earn more passive income, optimise their tax,  or invest more effectively. Basically folk who have found a faster way to “get there” and with something to share with the world. 

What is the ENTREFINEUR Vision?

1 Billion People Practicing Financial Independence!

What is my Why FI?

My foundational why for creating this blog is to grow myself, help others achieve FI and grow a supportive community.

 My foundational “Why FI” is to have the freedom of time to do what I want, how I want, when I want, where I want and with who I want. 

Specifically, I want more time with family, friends and tribe and to build a life portfolio of amazing experiences!

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