8 Badass Tips to Hustle Harder

Hustle Harder

8 Bad Ass Tips to Hustle Harder...

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Why Hustle?

In this day and age, if you want to transition from corporate the grind (trading time for money) to retirement, then you need to do stuff differently, you need to hustle harder! 

Why? Because everyone is hustling!

If you’re not hustling harder than the person next to you, then your future is uncertain in the Corporate World!

I’ve seen colleagues, friends and family be made redundant in the corporate world, even when they were exceptionally talented people, and they were hustling hard – it’s ruthless!

In my experience the one thing leading to redundancies in most cases is cost saving efficiencies (i.e. pure numbers). 

Why trade our time for money, working for someone else, for a capped income, when we could be making unlimited income working for ourselves?

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change."
~ Charles Darwin

My Turning Point

For years I knew I would need to get up at 5am on a consistent basis if I was to change the game for myself!

This proved exceptionally difficult to pull off on a consistent basis…

Until one day I came across a YouTube clip which changed my life. 

It was this dude living in New York City who gets up at 4:45am every morning and starts his day to work on his business. 

He gets up that early to have 90 minutes of focus-time to himself before his wife and little kids get up. Once they are up that is his sacred family time. 

He then has another couple of hours of sacred time in the evening with family, then he works to 11pm, then he crashes.

In this video, he also interviews Jocko an ex-Navy Seal Trainer one of the most highly decorated Navy Seals out of the Iraq War.

These two guys are next level productivity and inspirational. They’re 10xers.

Crafting an early morning brew and blogging, two of the Entrefineur’s favourite hobbies.

Hustle Harder Tips

Here are my 8 tips on how to hustle harder:

1. Know your why! Why are you getting up early and working? Its got to juice you, its got to be burning inside of you. You got to want it!

2. Know your MVP. Your MVP is your mot valuable priority. This is the one thing you got to do in the morning when you are most productive.

3. Only do 1 thing at once.

4. Have a daily 90 min jam session un-interrupted on one 1 task (the MVP).

5. Do your jam session in the morning.

6. Join the 5 am Club (start with the 6 am Club) and get 1.5 to 2.0 hours uninterrupted jamming on your MVP every morning.

7. Get the compound effect working for you. That is after 27 months imagine the difference in your life compared to those around you if you have been focusing on your MVP every morning for 90 minutes of deep-focused output.

8. Make sure your consistently producing prolific quality output.

If your interested in the side bustle then you need to check out my post: 2020 Side Hustle, Magic! Just don’t bite the hand that pays you!

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The EntreFIneur

EntreFIneur is a passionate frugalist, FI enthusiast, experimenter, ideator and entrepreneur. He's also a family man and when he has time, an active fitness fiend and outdoor hobbyist.

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